Kelly Rae is an American singer/songwriter currently living in Sammamish, WA, a suburb east of Seattle. She grew up in rural Wisconsin singing in choirs from a young age, first in church, then throughout her school years. Upon finishing college, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, she headed out west to Seattle, where she fell in love with the climate and landscape. In 2007, Austin, TX seemed like a good idea, so she spent five years living there, embracing her country side. That's where she realized it was fun to sing country music! But eventually the southern heat made her long for the Seattle rain, so back she moved to Seattle, bringing a little bit of country with her. There's something about that Seattle rain that just makes you want to write. But only words weren't enough. Putting words to music seemed to make more sense. So one morning, while eating her yogurt, she wrote the song "Searching for Home" at the kitchen table. That began her songwriting passion - and it hasn't stopped since.

Her musical style tends toward country, although these days the classifications can be blurred. Some of her songs, including Looking Down have a country vibe, some more folk, like The Breeze, while others, like Thin Line have more of a gospel feel. Searching For Home is her first studio album, recorded at Black Dog Studios in Ravensdale, Washington.


And on the search continues, for a bigger house, more money, a better job. But perhaps the real search is internal, for contentment within yourself; to find your home inside, to turn on your light. For when you shine bright, others see it and share it, and then we can all shine with contentment, happiness and love. So never stop, searching for your home.
— Excerpt from The Search - Kelly Rae